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          Tailored Academic Experiences that Connect to the Real World

          Tailored Academic Experiences that Connect to the Real World

          Pursue your passions; prepare for your profession. Our academic curriculum engages your intellectual capabilities and provides a solid foundation to develop you as a leader.

          The Pittsburgh Connection

          The Pittsburgh Connection

          Just 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Washington & Jefferson College is close to one of America's most livable cities. With plenty of opportunities and activities for students, this is a great place to go to school.

          Pittsburgh Connection

          Real-World Experiences

          From internships to research to funded customizable projects, W&J enables you to professionally prepare for your career that awaits you.

          Beyond the Classroom

          Get Involved

          Play an intramural sport. Take part in a speaking event. Join a student organization. You'll find so much to be part of at W&J.

          Student Activities

          Make connections for life

          Once a President, always a President. When you graduate, you can tackle the world with help from a vast network of W&J alumni.

          校友 Resources

          W&J really helped me prepare for a project of this magnitude by providing resources, including help from other students and the professors.

          Pinar Garbioglu, Biochemistry ’22

          Dr. Kuo was adamant that being a well-rounded individual with experience in many fields and the ability to problem solve would be critical for our future. She was right.

          Brooke Shuck, Business Administration, ’20

          Thanks to the broad range of classes I’ve taken at W&J, I felt like I was greatly prepared to embark on this trip. I believe this trip has helped guide me by pointing me toward a field I might be interested in.

          Ben Heim, Psychology ’21

          I can’t think of one school that provides students with the funds to complete an independent project or internship abroad. The Franklin Magellan Award allowed me to pursue things that I had always hoped to do for a better future. It’s one of the reasons I chose to come to W&J.

          Chynna Wilcox, Spanish ’20

          W&J encourages students to get out of their comfort zone and try something they only dreamed of doing.

          Will Tucker, Sociology ’20

          98 %

          percentage of W&J graduates who complete their education in 4 years

          94 %

          percentage of 2018 graduates employed or continuing their education

          300 +

          alumni mentors ready to assist current students

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