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          About W&J

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          About Washington & Jefferson College (W&J)

          Washington & Jefferson College is a private liberal arts and sciences college located 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our dedicated, experienced professors are passionate about teaching and work closely with our students to ensure that they receive a quality, comprehensive education. Our entire community is focused on student success. To that end we offer an On-Time Graduation Guarantee, opportunities to study all over the world through our 项目麦哲伦 承诺的工作人员和专家的职业咨询。



          The mission of Washington & Jefferson College is to graduate people of uncommon integrity, competence and maturity who are effective lifelong learners and responsible citizens, and who are prepared to contribute substantially to the world in which they live.

          To this end, the College promotes the development of skills, knowledge, personal qualities and a worldview that characterizes a well-educated person. All components of the living and learning environment at W&J are designed and intended to support this mission.


          Washington & Jefferson College is recognized nationally as a highly selective, residential, student-centered liberal arts college with an exceptional record of producing future leaders, whose graduates are prepared for a breadth of life opportunities and professional success. Toward that end, W&J asserts its place as Pittsburgh’s premiere liberal arts institution, a role it has played for more than 230 years. More broadly, it is known as a robust community of engaged and intellectually curious faculty, staff, and students.


          W&J highly values educational experiences that take our students outside of the classroom, such as internships, experiential and service learning, and student-faculty collaborative research that often leads to conference presentations and publications. In addition to activities directly linked to the academic programs Washington and Jefferson College is known for the 项目麦哲伦 它提供的支持和必要的资金去追求自己自行设计的暑期研究项目和500万彩票网奖学金项目的学生,专门招收超常的选择性方案要挑战他们自己的独特的方式在自己多年的大学。


          A key strength and resource of the College is its alumni; in addition to financial support, W&J alumni serve as active mentors and networkers for students. For more than 200 years, W&J’s distinguished alumni have been influencing change in business, politics, and the arts and sciences as CEOs, lawyers, state representatives, doctors, researchers, writer and teachers, and in many other equally worthy professions. They are the best examples of and advertisement for the positive trajectories our current students wish to pursue, and they and the members of the 受托人董事会 give generously of themselves to help current students.

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