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          President Knapp talking with students

          Welcome to Washington & Jefferson College, one of America’s oldest and most distinguished liberal arts institutions.  We have a proud tradition of preparing students for post-graduation success in a way that few colleges or universities can match.

          W&J students discover their unique gifts and interests while benefitting from a personalized educational experience designed to meet the individual needs of each individual.  Our students often graduate with more than one major, and many take advantage of the opportunity to create a customized major of their own.  Beyond the classroom, W&J students participate in more than 90 student organizations, play championship varsity sports, develop exceptional leadership qualities, and explore their interests around the world through our acclaimed Magellan Project.

          Student success at Washington & Jefferson begins with a generous financial aid program undergirded by substantial endowed scholarship resources provided by generations of alumni and friends of the college.  It continues with devoted faculty mentors who support academic performance every step of the way.  And it extends beyond graduation as our network of 14,000 graduates help students and fellow alumni find opportunities in every field of endeavor.  Just as important, W&J students graduate in four years – we guarantee it.

          Nothing reflects the spirit of W&J more than the experience of living and learning in a community where everyone is known by name.  My wife Kelly and I are fortunate to live on campus where we form friendships with our students and frequently host them in our home.  As parents of five adult children – all college graduates – we know how important it is to be in a supportive and caring environment during the formative college years.  We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you, and will consider it a privilege to be part of your educational experience.




          总统的办公室位于二楼 麦克米兰大厅.


          Washington & Jefferson College


          安排与总统,请联系瓦莱丽strimel,行政助理受托人的总裁和董事会,在约会 vstrimel@washjeff.edu.

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