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          W&J alumni at a campus event

          More than 15,000 W&J graduates share a connecti上 that lasts a lifetime. No matter where you are, you’ll always be a President.

          Washington & Jefferson College alumni are not 上ly successful in their careers, but they maintain a love and affinity for W&J. Our alumni community is an active part of W&J, providing career guidance to our students, networking with recent graduates across the country和 making gifts to ensure students have an outstanding W&J experience. Welcome to the W&J alumni family – we are proud to welcome you.


          我们的在线社区校友是专门为你设计的。了解如何保持联络的朋友,扩大你的网络, 回报 你的灵魂母校,并充分利用你的校友状态。 今天报名 打造您的个人资料的校友。


          As a W&J graduate, you know how W&J can transform someone’s life. Our alumni network is a growing and generous link to the next generation of thinkers. 志愿者ing provides you the opportunity to see the impact our alumni have 上 the W&J experience up close. Learn how you can 参与其中 ,并在校学生的生活。


          加入校友和朋友您附近的区域活动。找到一个即将发生的事件,请访问: 即将举行的活动 上 周杰伦连接.

          500万彩票网coming & Reuni上 Weekend

          无论您是返回你的同学聚会的校友,在运动赛事上的总统欢呼,或者干脆在第五季朋友聚会,我们不能等待再次见到你。访问 500万彩票网coming & Reuni上 Weekend 对于事件和时间表 寄存器.

          You have the power to strengthen W&J – by giving back. Every contributi上 advances the work of students, athletes和 tomorrow’s leaders. Learn more about 如何给和 使今天你的礼物.


          Held annually on Presidents Day, 给予天 is W&J’s 24-hour fundraising drive – a chance for alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff和 students to collectively come together to make an impact 上 students’ lives and W&J’s future. To learn more, visit the 给予天 网页。


          对或索取你的成绩单副本信息,请访问 书记官长的办公室 成绩单的网页,呼吁处长的办公室724-223-6017,或发送电子邮件 wjregistrar@washjeff.edu.


          我们的发展和校友参与的团队 is responsible for the College’s fundraising initiatives, alumni activities和 networking opportunities. We are available to answer your questi上s and of course, we want to hear your W&J stories.

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