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          A Message to W&J 校友 from President Knapp


          Dear W&J 校友, I am writing to thank you for your many expressions of support during this challenging time, and to update you on our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may rest assured that our overriding priority in this crisis is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.  Our goal is to ensure that all of our students are able to complete their coursework for this semester, especially our seniors who are preparing to graduate in just a few weeks.  To accomplish this the College has moved all instruction online to allow students and professors to work together from remote locations.  This was no easy achievement for a college that offers no online instruction, but I am immensely proud of our faculty for working diligently over the last week to redesign their courses for technologically enabled delivery. As we navigate in these uncharted waters, we are in continuous communication with leaders of dozens of colleges and universities in our region and across the nation.  Together, we are solving unprecedented problems and developing shared practices, so that W&J’s response to the pandemic mirrors that of many o日er institutions.  For example, we all must be cognizant of...




          3月23日 - 4月13日。远程指令将通过微软的团队开始(微软365)和其他软件应用程序。您将获得对技术的教程和你的教授将与您直接沟通500万彩票他们预期的课程和作业。

          四月的第6周。 4月6日的一周,我们将发送有决定是否我们会继续在网上指令或返回到脸对脸指令对本学期的剩余部分向学生和家长进行通信。

          Campus & A日letic 事件
          Travel & Study Aboard



          Heal日 & Wellness
          事件 & 竞技
          Travel & 出国留学


          As this situation is fluid and can change rapidly, W&J recommends checking 日e CDC website frequently for updated safety and travel information. These additional resources are available for more information:


          1. 经常洗手用肥皂和热水20秒,并确保你洗你的拇指,手腕,并在两者之间你的手指。这是对所有病毒的传播最好的防御。
          2. 当你呆在家里,你生病了。这将帮助你更快地恢复,并在校园里的时候减少疾病的传播。
          3. 用纸巾或手臂,当你咳嗽或打喷嚏的骗子。及时洗手或使用洗手液,如果肥皂和水不可用。
          4. 得到充足的休息/睡眠。
          5. 如果你还没有流感疫苗,请考虑让之一。这会虽然不是防止冠状病毒,预防流感可以防止疫苗。

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