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          Move in day at W&J

          The W&J Experience Overnight

          3月20日@下午5:00 - 3月21日@下午1:00
          Move in day at W&J


          3月27日@下午4:30 - 3月28日@ 24:30

          冠状病毒的更新: Please continue your plans to visit W&J. We are taking extra precautions in the cleaning of common areas multiple times throughout the day. The safety of our guests is our priority. If we need to cancel an event, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. If you’re not comfortable traveling, we’re happy to Skype with you or talk over the phone.

          我们想了解,你就会明白,你会抓住机会的梦想,你会影响到人。我们想知道你的一切 - 一切,构成了这不可否认,没有人,否则样你,在最全的世界你。因为当我们了解你是谁,你想成为谁,我们可以帮你伪造了基础,做任何事情。

          At W&J College, you can choose from 32个专业和27名未成年人 手艺的体验是通用的,相关的和完全个性化。与文科灵活的方法来上大学,你会更愿意和比其他人谁也跟着更传统的方法来规范和学习更有信心。

          Students posing with the statues of Washington & JeffersonW&J’s small, historic and beautiful campus right outside of an up-and-coming urban center for young professionals, 匹兹堡, offers an inclusive community that works hard and has fun. Our conference-winning coaches and students exhibit that achievements and excellence extend beyond the classroom and onto the field, track or court. W&J students and graduates are able to realize their careers while exploring their passions through immersive studies, global internship & research fellowships and more.



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