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          Financial Aid & 奖学金

          A student walking in front of McMillan Hall

          Washington & Jefferson College can be an affordable option for students looking for a world-class liberal arts education due to our generous merit and need-based financial assistance programs. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to understand your family’s financial situation and to explore all of your financial aid options including eligibility for scholarships and grants, loans, tax benefits for education, payment methods and tuition payment plans.

          通过我们的自助服务 净价格计算器, you can get an estimate of the cost of attending W&J. We also encourage you to review W&J’s 在时间刻度保证 ,这保证了所有学生符合世界卫生组织的大中专学历的预期将能够在四年内毕业。

          最好为您服务,我们建议承认所有学生 申请财政援助 这样的资格可以被确定为可用的各种程序。

          We believe that financial circumstances should not stand in the way of receiving the best education. Our financial aid packages make W&J competitive with other private and public institutions.

          详细了解您的财务援助方案,请联络任何一个我们 心理咨询师 随着金融进程问题500万彩票援助,解释你的财务援助计划,或者我们可以帮助您的方式投资于你的未来。该 财政援助常见问题 也可以是帮助您解答。

          Percent of students who receive aid from W&J College
          需要意味着没有偿还 - 经济援助“礼品援助”的百分之提供


          电子邮件: finaid@washjeff.edu


          • 克里斯蒂娜谢弗, 财政援助/学生就业协调主任助理
          • 达纳施陶特,金融援助主任助理/信贷员
          • 凯文月经似的,高级副主任

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