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          • W&J College Grant: Undergraduate students enrolled full time may be eligible to receive a W&J College Grant. This is a grant made directly by the College to assist students in meeting their educational expenses. Typically, financial need must be exhibited to receive this grant and continue to be shown in subsequent years for the grant to be renewed. Students are eligible for a maximum of eight semesters of this type of College aid. Some awards may be made through institutional endowment funds. During the fall term, students will be notified if their grant was provided by donor generosity. If so, those students will be asked to write a note of appreciation and may also be asked to meet with the donor if he/she visits campus.


          • 联邦佩尔助学金: 这是从联邦政府颁发给基于预期的家庭贡献(如判定由FAFSA表格)本科学生的资助,参加了学校的成本,并在学生就读(全职或兼职)。适用于2019 - 2020学年的最大佩尔奖学金为$ 6,095。
          • 联邦补充教育机会补助金(SEOG): ESTA联邦赠款是颁发给学生以较高的财务需求。本科生必须有资格获得的佩尔助学金,以获得额外的联邦拨款ESTA。


          • 国家补助: 许多国家提供赠款项目,帮助学生随着高等教育的成本。请与您居住地的具体细节的状态。 宾夕法尼亚州立助学计划 允许符合条件的宾夕法尼亚州居民,以获得本科学习的财政援助。学生必须在本科课程中注册至少有一半的时间。该FAFSA必须提交 5月1日 为了应用。 PA的2019 - 2020学年最高国家补助为$ 4,122个。

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