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          Washington & Jefferson College is approved for Veteran Education benefits and we participate in the 黄丝带计划. Some programs also allow for the transfer of benefits to go to qualifying dependents. Determination is made by the Veterans Administration.



          邮政9/11 GIBILL®提供的服务或积累九月以后2001年11个人至少90天,教育和住房的个人财务支持或后30天的服务连接残疾排出。你一定已经收到光荣退役,才有资格后9/11 GIBILL®。

          Students must submit a Certificate of Eligibility to W&J in order to receive the VA payments towards their costs. W&J institutional funding awarded previously may be reduced if the amount of money credited to a student’s account from all sources exceeds the total charges (tuition, room, board and some fees) billed by the College. Families are encouraged to file a FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid. Post 9/11 education benefits can be accessed online through www.gibill.va.gov。学生必须点击“eBenefits”和建立一个高级帐户(如果他们这样做没有的话),然后点击教育。所有的信息将在这里列出的资格。

          *“GIBILL®”是美国的注册商标。退伍军人事务部(VA)。更多有关教育的好处是可以主动提出在美国官方准备政府网站 www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.


          These scholarships from the Department of Defense cover full tuition and fees. The ROTC scholarship will replace any W&J merit scholarship awarded. Remaining W&J scholarship money may be used to cover room, board, and most remaining charges on the bill, but may be reduced once these costs are covered. A FAFSA must be filed annually in order to determine eligibility for federal and state grants. For those students awarded a Presidential Scholarship, participation in the Washington Fellow program is still an option regardless of the ROTC award replacing the merit scholarship.

          One and a half, two, three, and four year scholarships are available, as well as exceptional benefits for medical school. Students who are awarded these scholarships are obligated to attend training sessions and classes and perform military service after graduation. To learn more about this opportunity to receive funding while you are attending W&J and to serve your country, you may contact Major Nicki Wade at 724-503-1001 x3404 or nwade@washjeff.edu.


          通过 黄丝带计划, W&J will match 50% of the gap remaining between our tuition and the VA designated cap for private schools. We will provide up to a $10,000 W&J grant, which will be matched by the VA. Students must have 100% eligibility in the post 9/11 GI Bill program in order to receive Yellow Ribbon benefits. The 黄丝带计划 is only available during the Fall and Spring semesters.

          联邦学生贷款的好处  - 500万彩票延期,贷款利息,公共服务贷款减免计划等特殊军事援助,以退伍军人的信息。

          在军事好处更多有关通用,请访问 联邦学生援助.

          W&J Veteran Affairs Contacts

          克里斯蒂娜谢弗, cshaffer@washjeff.edu

          莱斯利MAXIN, lmaxin@washjeff.edu

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