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          • 联邦佩尔助学金
          • 联邦拨款SEOG
          • 联邦直接贷款
          • 每年国家补助(对其他国家,请与财政援助办公室查询)
          • 私立教育贷款
          • 加上贷款
          • 帕金斯贷款

          The use of W&J funding (grants and scholarships) to cover study abroad costs is contingent upon program approval from the Director of 出国留学 and Off-Campus Programs and the term of study. Please note that W&J funding is only awarded for a total of eight semesters.

          Students wishing to study abroad during Intersession should be aware that trip costs cannot be covered by W&J funds (grants or scholarships). Students may use any remaining federal loan eligibility or apply for a private educational loan. Students must complete a 的出勤调整形式成本 (PDF),以便财政援助办公室是否合格。我们也鼓励学生参观 研究国外办事处 奖学金的机会。

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