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          The W&J College Admissions team values its partnership with school counselors as one of our most valuable assets. To assist you in counseling your students, we’ve put the most valuable information for you in one place. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us at admission@washjeff.edu


          We understand that some of your students might ask what a typical W&J College admit might look like. Here are out Class of 2022 admitted students profile

          • 班级规模:329
          • 男/女:一百七十〇分之一百五十九
          • 种族:
            • 白色,非西班牙裔:72.7%
            • 颜色的学生:14.1%
            • 种族:3.1%
            • 民族/种族不明:6%
            • 非居民:4%
          • 主地理地点
            • 宾夕法尼亚州:71.4%
            • 俄亥俄州3.9%
            • 马里兰:3.3%
            • 其他:21.4%
          • 高中GPA,第一次,第一年的新生
            • 3.75或更高:39.2%
            • 3.50 - 3.74:23%
          • 学生运动员
            • 152名新生
            • 高校运动队:26
            • 共有学生运动员:46%
            • 平均GPA:3.57
          • 居住率
            • 第一年,首次新生:94.5%
            • RA /常驻人员的数量:45


          The best way for your students, and you, to learn more about W&J college is to experience our campus and classrooms for yourselves. We can arrange for campus visits for counselors, Monday through 周五day throughout the year. To schedule a visit please contact our Admissions Team at admission@washjeff.edu.

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