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          Students walking and talking on campus

          A college education is one of the most important investments you can make in your student’s lifetime. We know that this is a significant investment and are fully committed to delivering an educational experience that is second to none. The primary question you will have though is whether Washington & Jefferson College is affordable? We believe the answer is a resounding Yes!

          At W&J College, students have traveled the world through innovative and immersive programs like 麦哲伦项目,并参加了实习,研究奖学金和社区计划拥有世界一流的企业和组织。通过学生组织,我们的学生正在开发的领导,道德能力,和团队合作将延伸远远超出了教室。

          An educational investment in Washington & Jefferson College education means that your student will experience a rich academic curriculum and robust campus life which will prepare them for success after graduation Consider these facts:

          • $ 30,000的平均财政援助计划秋季新生2019班
          • 学生的99%获得某种类型的奖学金或补助
          • 98%的学生在毕业时
          • 95%的学生在研究生院采用六个月毕业的在
          • 学生的88%,在现实世界中自己通过实习,奖学金,研究或整体沉浸体验
          • 40%的学生每年出国留学

          使用我们的 净价格计算器 赶紧来估算你的金融援助计划和预期的家庭/学生的贡献。

          Washington & Jefferson College is committed to making our world-class liberal arts education affordable by providing students with the opportunity to experience a rich academic curriculum and robust student life in the serenity of a campus just 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please contact our Admissions team to discuss your financial aid options at admission@washjeff.edu.

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