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          在2019 - 2020学年费用


          The following is a list of W&J's direct costs-the charges that will appear on your bill.

          学费 $ 48.758
          费用 $ 580
          房间* $ 7,658
          板* $ 5,390
          $ 62.386


          看到的完整列表 学费 & 费用.


          此外,我们包括确定在计算学生的财政援助资格使用出勤的总成本的一些间接成本。记住 - 间接成本只是估算,只是给你一个什么样的额外资金,您可能需要使用的概念。

          图书 $ 1000个
          个人 $ 1000个
          旅行 基于大学的距离$ 200- $ 1000个

          Affording a W&J Education


          Typically, assistance from W&J is the largest source of aid in financial aid packages. W&J provided almost 37 million dollars in grant and scholarship funds for the 2018-2019 academic year to assist current full-time students with the cost of education.

          对于ESTA相同学年额外的资金从各种渠道收到包括联邦政府($ 15百万),州政府($ 170万美元)和外部机构(超过$ 500,000)。

          These various sources of funding help W&J families reduce the overall cost of attendance with many awards being renewed annually.  With such a high percentage of our graduates completing their degrees in four years (98%), families are reassured that their undergraduate investment will involve a standard four year commitment, allowing students to enter the workforce on time.

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