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          Two students talking while they walk on campus

          Everyone at W&J wants to know you – the real you.

          纳普总统将邀请领导研讨会,主持人你和朋友吃饭,而手头上的小吃你感觉良好星期五。你的教授将让你的激情成为类项目。和其他学生将是真正好奇您的背景和你的观点。当整个大学ESTA努力工作去了解你,这是很容易知道自己 - 多远,你可以走了。

          On your personal visit to campus, you will experience what it’s like to be a W&J College student. Your day will begin with a personalized tour of our campus with your Admissions Counselor. During your visit, you will be able to attend a class, meet with a professor, discuss your athletic career with our conference-winning coaches, and meet with future classmates.

          平日参观是从整个一年时间上午9点到下午5点周六访问安排在通过我们的录取周六学年入学率从上午9:00到下午1点:1月25日,2月22日,3月28日,4月18日,5月9日,6月20日和7月11日。 工作人员安排您的光临!


          High school seniors and transfer students who complete a campus visit to W&J through the Office of Admission qualify for our $ 1,000访问补助. Students will receive their Visit Grant as part of their financial aid award once they apply and are accepted to W&J. This grant is renewed in the same amount each year you are a student at W&J (up to $4,000) as long as you remain in good academic standing. Visits must be completed by May 1, 2020.




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