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          Abernathy的场站(AFS)是土地57英亩的土地,距离校园便利,仅5英里。 ESTA完美的户外教室里包含了许多不同的混合落叶林生态系统,包括针叶树的立场,一些springseeps两个常年大流,湿地和修剪领域。这些栖息地支持鸟类,蜥蜴,鱼类,小型哺乳动物,白尾鹿,昆虫的不同组合以及超过100棵树。

          Faculty and students are able to study the structure and function of the ecosystems of AFS through both coursework and independent research projects. Access to the Abernathy的场站 has been made possible by the generous support of Dr. Ernest and Janet Abernathy. W&J is committed to preserving the ecological integrity of the land and maintaining its value as an outdoor classroom in perpetuity.

          请访问 阿伯内西场站维基 对学生研究的更多信息。

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