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          Photo of 录取房子 at W&J


          The Admission offices at W&J are inside the Admission House, located on Wheeling Street in Washington. The 录取房子 is a beautiful, Victorian-style mansion built in 1894. Although converted into many offices, much of the original décor and architectural integrity has been restored and is intact. Learn more about admission to W&J


          Photo of the 校友 House at W&J

          校友房子是另一个维多利亚风格的家该学院于1989年收购了在成为校友的房子,它被用来作为生活居住的上classmen。它现在房子校友联络处。许多房子的原始元素的生存到今天,红木镶板包括书房和核桃嵌板的餐厅。 jayconnected.com - 校友关系和发展网站

          Campus & Public Safety Office

          Photo of Office of Campus & Public Safety Sign

          The Department of Campus & Public Safety is located in part of historic Old Main, facing the Rossin Campus Center.


          Photo of 汤普森大厅

          Built in 1905, Thompson Hall served as the first unified library of W&J. It is adorned on the outside with Memorial 图书馆 and the names of many historical and literary figures. 汤普森大厅 currently houses the offices of the 注册员, Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, and Human 资源 and is located adjacent to Old Main.


          Photo of 麦克米兰大厅


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