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          In an effort to better disseminate emergency information, Washington & Jefferson College has implemented a mass notification text messaging system powered by Omnilert.  This emergency messaging system will alert students, faculty, and staff during a campus or weather emergency via a text message to your mobile phone, e-mail, as well as RSS feeds and personalized web pages from Google, My Yahoo, and AOL.

          Sign up now for this completely voluntary service to receive W&J emergency alerts. There will not be any advertising or non-emergency alerts sent to you.  You must be registered to receive the alerts.


          • 这项服务是完全自愿的;你可以报名参加或随时取消服务。
          • You are responsible for text messaging charges as they may apply from your wireless service provider. W&J will not be responsible for any charges originating from your service provider.
          • 您的信息不会被分享或出售给第三方供应商。

          新用户: 现在注册
          现有用户: 登录 添加一个电子邮件或其他电话号码和账户



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