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          W&J’s Role in Campus Safety

          Washington & Jefferson is committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We have instituted the following procedures and technologies:

          • 我们有24小时卡进入我们的住宅楼
          • 在校园紧急呼叫盒(呼叫位置的地图盒 (PDF))
          • 7.24护送系统和安全摄像机
          • W&J has installed and maintains exterior lighting around all of its buildings, as well as additional sidewalk and street lighting.
          • 维护一个有吸引力的校园,同时,灌木和地勤人员保持低对冲出于安全原因。
          • On any normal workday, there are scores of W&J support personnel whose jobs include providing inspection of the entire campus and its buildings to discover and correct health, safety, and maintenance problems. They work in addition to W&J Security Officers and others who tour campus to report safety-related problems to Facility Services, which responds to correct these problems promptly.
          • 因为他们的职责的一部分,居住生活工作人员不断报告安全及维修事宜。紧急维修服务全天24小时。
          • W&J also conducts a monthly 安全委员会 Meeting which provides guidance and direction to students, faculty and staff at the College. The 安全委员会 标识危害和风险,建议采取行动以确保适当的安全条件,并协助在遵守法规的大学。


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