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          The College encourages everyone in the W&J community to report crimes and other emergencies promptly to the W&J Department of Campus & Public Safety, or to other appropriate police agencies if off campus. At sessions conducted for freshmen and their parents, participants are advised to report all information regarding any incident to the W&J Department of Campus & Public Safety. The Department of Campus & Public Safety presents seminars and publications that offer crime-prevention tips and emphasize the importance of reporting crimes.

          A student, 居住生活 Coordinator, College Security or Police Officer, or any other member of the W&J community can also refer a violation of the Student Code of Conduct to the 学生生活 Office.




          • You can report criminal activity or other emergencies to the W&J Department of Campus & Public Safety by calling 911 or x6032 from a campus phone or 724-223-6032 from a non-campus phone.
          • Picking up a campus emergency phone. These phones ring directly into the Department of Campus & Public Safety, automatically registering the location of the caller.
          • Visiting the Department of Campus & Public Safety located next to the Visitor Parking Lot in Old Main.
          • Contacting the Resident Assistant (RA), 学生生活 Staff; or other College officials who will then contact the W&J Department of Campus & Public Safety.
          • 应该是所有所以及时报告的罪行可能收集证据和保护。


          A: Yes. W&J’s counseling services includes a confidential reporting system that allows victims of a crime to report an incident anonymously. W&J counselors and contracted agencies advise student crime victims that the College forwards nonidentifying information regarding that crime to the police for inclusion in the annual statistical report. The identity of the victim remains anonymous.


          A: Hazing is absolutely prohibited on the W&J campus (see the anti hazing policy). Students who feel they have been victims of hazing should contact the Department of Campus & Public Safety, or the Office of 学生生活 724-229-5120.




          A. W&J offers several crime-prevention workshops, seminars, and public safety meetings throughout the year. Programs are sponsored by the Office of 居住生活 (for resident students), various student organizations, and other campus departments and organizations.


          • ID操作,让学生报名参加贵重物品识别号:如电视机,音响,电脑等
          • 500万彩票身份盗窃,骚扰演示通过沟通,并通过Facebook和我的空间问题。
          • 在大厅和性侵犯的组织表现预防。
          • 自卫研讨会主办的居住生活的办公室。
          • 基本安全建议必​​须由学生宿舍工作人员的生命举行了第一次会议上。 ESTA讨论包括锁门和保护个人物品的重要性。
          • 常驻人员计划使工作人员熟悉和学生生活的学生分配到其区域警务人员。警察和居民之间的这种方案大大提高了沟通。
          • Programs are presented once a year or upon request by 居住生活 Staff, Residents, Student Leaders, or any member of the W&J Community.


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