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          How does the investment in a W&J 学院 education help you take the lead in your career? You can integrate your academic and intellectual pursuits with your career ambitions and prepare early for life after graduation. The Office of 就业服务 provides active and continuous career development and facilitates your connection to alumni mentors that will help you identify your career path and map your way.


          Career development begins during your first year as you start your search to find a career you love and develop your skills and interests in courses and activities. It's never too early to schedule an appointment with career 服务 and attend trainings to prepare for your job or internship search. Creating a resume early on prepares you for rest of your time at W&J 学院.



          • 求职准备
          • 网上个人品牌
          • 职业测评工具
          • 一个一对一职业辅导
          • 对于简历写作培训,采访,网络等
          • FOCUS2 在线career-和教育规划工具
          • 模拟面试
          • 研究生院援助
          • 实习
          • 工作和实习交易会
          • 用人单位招聘
          • 大量的在线资源


          In the Office of 就业服务, we regularly hear feedback from employers about our talented and prepared graduates. When you're a graduate of W&J 学院, you're a competitive candidate for employment and graduate study.

          88% of students complete an internship or other professional experience while at W&J. After graduation, 97% of students accept employment offers or are accepted into graduate school, with 68% employed and 29% continuing their education.


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          Handshake, a career management platform, connects students and employers. W&J 学院 partners with 握手 so that students can locate the best job and internship opportunites for their career path at over 300,000 employers, including all Fortune 500 companies.




          If you're looking for the best new talent and graduates who are well prepared for the opportunities you have, you'll find the best candidates come from W&J 学院. Register with us to post your full-time, part-time, internship, seasonal, or freelance opportunities. Once you register, the Office of Career Service will review your registration. After you're approved, you can start connecting with our students.


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