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          Diversity & Leadership Initiatives

          Students from the Multicultural Senior students event

          The Office of Diversity & Leadership Initiatives is committed to strengthening cultural awareness, diversity education, & leadership development at Washington & Jefferson College.  We offer a variety of programs, discussions and training opportunities on topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and religion to engage the campus community in dialogue grounded in social justice principles. Further, we are intentional in our efforts to educate and invigorate a campus community that values the diversity that is personified by our students, faculty, and staff.

          In addition, we are strategically partnered to support the efforts of several of our campus’ multicultural student organizations, including: Asian Culture Association, Black Student Union, Gay/Straight Alliance, Hillel, and Latino Culture Association. We are always looking for new and creative opportunities to engage the campus community as we strive to complement the College’s mission of scholarship, community service, and global citizenship. We hope that you will consider being an active participant in the events and activities sponsored by Diversity & Leadership Initiatives!


          The 查尔斯·西学者 is an initiative that strives to educate, engage, and empower black-identifying students at W&J who have been selected to participate in the program. 了解更多500万彩票查尔斯西方学者.


          Washington & Jefferson College is an IMPACT Partner Institution with 是准备公立学校从准备系统是支持学生的选择数量的访问为双方秋季和春季飞出方案,并提供奖学金包那些学生的大学。


          周一 - 周五,上午9:00至下午5:00
          Summer Hours (June & July only): Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

          Diversity & Leadership Initiatives Staff

          萨米·沃克·埃雷拉 portrait


          萨米·沃克·埃雷拉 is the Coordinator of Diversity & Leadership Initiatives at Washington & Jefferson College.


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