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          Washington & Jefferson College is committed to creating a campus culture that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive for all members of its community members. We understand that our campus community is representative of society at large, and there may be times when our community standards are interrupted if bias related incidents occur. To this end, we have designed a two-pronged approach to respond to, as well as provide educational resources that proactively address, issues of bias that undermine our community values.






          如果报表收到偏见事件后,应急小组将开会偏置在24-48营业时间的审查报告。 ESTA队从大学的所有区域组成偏置的工作人员和教员。




          The 偏置顾问团队 serves as a resource to document and investigate bias incident reports, intently explore ways to improve campus climate and offer relevant recommendations, and provide educational programming and support services for the campus community. This team does not replace offices tasked with overseeing processes involving policy violations or law enforcement matters. Accordingly, violations of the Student Handbook will be referred to the Office of 社区标准 & Support Services, issues of employee misconduct will be referred to the Office of Human 资源, and matters of law enforcement will be referred to Campus & Public Safety. For any questions about the process or general inquiries, email bias@washjeff.edu.


          As a member of the Washington & Jefferson College community, it is an expectation that we will all do our part to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are treated fairly and respectfully. Your responsibility begins in reporting incidents that interrupt or undermine a welcoming and inclusive campus environment.

          如果你相信你目睹或经历过偏差,请提交 偏差事件报告. If this is an emergency, please report the matter to Campus & Public Safety (724-223-6032) or call 911 before filing a report. All 偏差事件报告s will be reviewed within 24-48 business hours of receipt.

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