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          Charles West - Washington & Jefferson College FootballLegendary Washington & Jefferson College athlete 查尔斯“删减”西'24 先进的非裔美国人在大学体育中的作用。我是橄榄球队主席期间第一个也是唯一亮相ITS四分卫 玫瑰碗在1922年。另外一个田径明星,我已赚了两届全国大学生五项冠军的称号,并入选了1924年国奥队,虽然我没有因为受伤参与。西接着医学院霍华德大学参加并领导一个成功的职业生涯在500万彩票网一个医生区域。

          West was a phenomenal athlete who normally played halfback for W&J but stepped in as quarterback for the Rose Bowl due to team injuries and illnesses. His athletic endeavors didn’t stop at the Rose Bowl and weren’t limited to football. He also was an accomplished track and field competitor who won the National Collegiate Pentathlon at the Penn Relays in 1922 and 1923, and who was named to the 1924 U.S. Olympic team, although he did not participate due to injury. He went on to sign with the Akron Pros professional football team after graduating from W&J in 1924, but instead chose to retire from athletics and attend Howard University Medical School in Washington, D.C.

          Charles West as a member of the W&J football teamFor the next 50 years, West maintained a general medical practice in Alexandria, Virginia and his community service outshined his work on the athletic field. Despite encountering numerous instances of racism in the pre-Civil Rights era in both his athletic and medical career, West was respected and highly regarded by his teammates and those who knew him on and off the field. The Alexandria Urban League awarded him for his community service in 1973, and in 1978 he received a Howard University Medical Alumni Association citation for his years of practice. West also received the W&J Distinguished 校友 Service Award in 1978, and passed away the following year, on Nov. 20, 1979.


          更多地了解西方的遗产,阅读 文章全文 W&J Magazine, 开始第8页。


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