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          是准备 is a public charter school system in the Houston, Texas, area that prepares students for the college experience with a robust curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. Washington & Jefferson College is an IMPACT Partner Institution with YES Prep Public Schools, supporting a select number of students from the 是准备 system to visit the College for both fall and spring fly-out programs and offering scholarship packages to those students.


          Once on campus as a W&J student, the YES Prep Scholars are supported by the Office of Diversity and Leadership Initiatives. 是准备 Scholars are invited to participate in social and community service programming hosted by the Office of Diversity and Leadership Initiatives and often work with W&J’s 查尔斯·西学者 在这些能力。


          YES Prep Scholars are applicants from the YES Prep school system who chose to attend W&J. Students at YES Prep schools who are IMPACT scholars will carry on the benefits of the program as 是准备 Scholars at W&J.


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