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          注册 for club and intramural sports is open to current W&J students during the school year. Additional information is provided in the links below, or by contacting the advisor for each group.


          Those interested in joining a club team or organization can contact Assistant Director of Club & Intramural Sports, Chris Faulk, at cfaulk@washjeff.edu or visit the Office of Club & Intramural Sports, located on the first floor of the HUB.

          To see a list of W&J's club teams and organizations, and information regarding the advisors of each club, see the Club Teams and Organizations Roster.


          只需要发送一个电子邮件至 imsports@washjeff.edu!



          1. 随着全名册编译你的名字和姓氏(无昵称)
          2. 发送到“邮箱注册”来 imsports@washjeff.edu;包括在电子邮件标题为体育您注册其中,包括在电子邮件的正文每个团队成员和团队队长的名字注明您世卫组织将
          3. 所有的信息都会通过该E-mail地址发送联赛球队队长


          1. 电子邮件 imsports@washjeff.edu
          2. 表明您想在一个团队中放置
          3. 然后你会在一个团队,是需要玩家要放置

          To see a list of W&J's intramural teams, game schedules, and information regarding the advisors of each club, see the Intramural Leagues and Tournaments Roster.

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