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          By invitation after admission, students who join the W&J 学院 500万彩票网学者项目 embark on a four-year program of LIGHT: Leadership, Integrity, Growth, Humanity, and Thought. As a Washington Fellow, you uphold the college's mission of lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.






          During 500万彩票网研究员周末, invited students and their families can attend a gathering of Washington Fellows. Incoming Washington Fellows arrive Friday and spend the night with a student host. During the weekend, students and parents can experience the program and its camaraderie. 主席见面纳普, faculty, current Washington Fellows, and distinguished young alumni. At the same time, you can learn more about W&J College, tour the campus, and explore the opportunities here for your undergraduate experience. 父母 are included and given dedicated time to connect with the parents of current W&J 学院 students.



          • 参加与同行讨论,专题讨论会
          • 出席主持完成的年轻校友面板
          • 主席见面纳普
          • 借宿在校园
          • 应对当前500万彩票网研究员

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