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          Move In Fall 2020

          500万彩票网&amp; 杰斐逊 College plans to reopen the campus for classes and residents at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. We are fully committed to taking all possible precautions to maintain a safe environment while providing students with the holistic, in-person experience that is so critical to our mission. Recognizing that no institution can eliminate all risk while the 新冠肺炎 pandemic continues, our plan is in形成ed by the best available guidance from the federal CDC, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health, American 学院 Health Association, and local healthcare partners. It will be updated as necessary to reflect any new guidelines or restrictions that may be recommended in response to a future resurgence of the coronavirus.




          Dear Students, I hope that you have had a chance to review the message sent earlier from President Knapp outlining a change in our plans for the fall. As you are well aware, we are preparing for a year that won’t look like any other at W&J. Many challenges lie ahead, and although we’re working to tackle all of them, we know this isn’t going to be a normal year on campus. There will be more virtual events rather than in-person gatherings, some internships will be remote experiences, and travel to-and-from campus will be limited. There will be changes to dining and housing. We’re also preparing for the possibility that we’ll have to monitor public health and state and national guidelines closely to ensure that we continue to provide you the safest learning environment possible. Nevertheless, we see opportunities to work through these challenging times together and grow stronger as a community. As always, we cherish the times when we are together as a full community. As we prepare to return to campus, we want to let you know about a major change to the start of the academic year and to campus housing that we are implementing to help...




          The W&J 新冠肺炎 Response Team began meeting in March to plan for a wide range of future scenarios, and more recently expanded this work with the appointment of several subcommittees. We have collaborated closely with many other colleges and universities, as well as experts in relevant fields, to develop the best practices we have adopted. As our plan was drafted, we sought input from leaders of our board of trustees, our faculty, and our student body. All decisions were made with the following priorities at the forefront:

          1. 确保学生,教师和工作人员的健康和安全。
          2. 保持连续性和教学质量,为学生的最大数量。
          3. 为学生提供的最大数量整体上的发展经验。
          4. 维持必要的操作。
          5. 维护高校的财务稳定和竞争能力。
          6. 支持信任的文化和共同承诺连续适应性改变。

          作为秋季学期继续,你可以期望我们的一些政策和程序的演变基于我们正在进行的有效性进行评估和外部环境的任何变化。该 covid-19页 will be kept up to date to provide accurate and timely in形成ation. We will also continue the practice of communicating updates by email; therefore, it will be important for you to continue to monitor your W&J email.

          Remote Instruction & Work



          It is critical that commuting students check their W&J email regularly. This is the primary way information from the college will be communicated. Each Wednesday, the Your Connection newsletter will be sent to the student’s inbox and will contain important campus updates and in形成ation.











          Almost all support services will be available virtually. This includes PAL tutoring, Financial Aid counseling, Health & Counseling, Student Activities Programming, Wellness and Fitness in形成ation, and general student services support.






          Due to space and safety constraints, W&J will not offer intramural programming during the fall semester, but we will look to expand recreational offerings, both virtually and outdoors. Club sports listed among the low-contact category will be able to practice and compete, if proper health and safety protocols can be maintained. We will be increasing outdoor fitness and recreational opportunities for the Fall 2020 semester, as well as offering more classes and interactions in a virtual 形成at. As we monitor the health situation in our region, intramural programs will be considered during the Spring 2021 semester.


          Recruiting practices will continue in accordance with NCAA regulations. W&J is inviting prospective student-athletes to campus and coaches will be on the road attending events. Campus visits must be scheduled through a coach or admissions counselor 72 hours in advance and visitors will be required to submit a health and wellness check-in survey.



          1. 用肥皂和热水经常洗手20秒,并确保你洗你的拇指,手腕和手指在两者之间。这是对所有病毒的传播最好的防御。
          2. 留在家里当你生病。这将帮助你更快地恢复,并在校园里的时候减少疾病的传播。
          3. 用纸巾或手臂,当你咳嗽或打喷嚏的骗子。及时洗手或使用洗手液,如果肥皂和水不可用。
          4. 得到充足的休息/睡眠。
          5. 如果你还没有流感疫苗,请考虑让之一。虽然这不会防止冠状病毒,疫苗可预防打击感。


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            劳动节 - 在人的复课

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